diary entry: 1 Lets get weird !

well high.

(sax music plays in the background)

what is it about the saxophone that drives me insane?

the sound becomes ME, like its the most nostalgic thing ever.

time stops, im no longer a person... I become the sound.. the music.

its sounds like the perfect home, its simply art to my ears.

I don't know anything about saxophones but I know how they make me feel....

anyway thats not what this blog is about...

its about... actually. I'm winging this.

its 9:00pm fyi. 
I always look at the clock at 9:11... am and pm. coincidence.... maybe, maybe not

I created a little album, so new music will be up tomorrow. it'll be on my Soundcloud :) 

these diary entries are going to reflect my exact thoughts so try and keep up, this ISNT going to be and then and then and then and because and then.. ya know. 

Every morning I have to remind myself that I know nothing. 
Every night I have to remind myself that I am Nothing. 

Read that a bit ago.

I love how Jim Carrey is HIGH key on a path of awakening !
Watch his interviews earthlings... he's dope! 

anyway, Im gonna go drink a shit ton of water and check on kiddos! Ill leave you with this.

Mind and body have taken the journey, but the real home place is your own heart. It is infinite. And so wherever you go, you are always home.


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